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Marketing Self-Audit for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelers Part 3: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

In part 2 of our companion blog series to our Marketing Self-Assessment for kitc...

An open laptop with "local SEO" on the screen, sitting on a desk with pens, coffee, a ruler, and a calculator

How to Rank Higher on Local Area Searches

Because they generally only work in a specific geographic area, businesses like ...

A person holding a mobile phone in front of a work desk, representing call tracking for local business

Call Tracking – The Most Important Thing You Can Do for New Leads

The humble phone call was once a marketer’s most powerful tool for reaching po...

a person sitting at a desk working, with a background of drawn local businesses behind them

Making the Most of Local SEO

Because they usually don’t have the resources to operate or market themselves ...

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