Summerset Senior Living

Summerset Senior Living

New Customer-focused Web Design & SEO Strategy Increases Organic Traffic by 43.2%, Goal Completions by 81% for Summerset Senior Living

Summerset Senior Living is a family-owned Senior Living business with locations in Northern California with a mission to create senior living communities based on dignity, respect, fun, and specialized care.

With the demand for senior living services soaring, Summerset recognized the unique opportunity to connect with their target market using their website and other digital channels.

Summerset partnered with TICDM in April of 2019 for strategic guidance, a website redesign optimized for conversions and search engines, and to implement an SEO and blog strategy that would draw new visitors by helping them rank for important evergreen and local keywords.


  • Attract and convert more visitors with a new customer-focused web design.
  • Improve brand visibility with webpage content optimized for search engines
  • Implement a new blog strategy that supports both customer needs and SEO initiatives


  • +43% Organic Site Visitors YoY
  • +23.75% Increase in Avg. Time on Page
  • +81% Organic Goal Completions YoY

Crafting a New Look & Web Experience Optimized For Summerset’s Target Audience

Summerset’s team recognized that their website was a huge opportunity to not only make a positive first impression with their audience, but also as a keystone for their digital marketing funnel.

Our first step involved laying out a strategy for addressing all of Summerset’s existing website issues in addition to building out new functionality that would improve the user experience.

This included:

  • Implementing technical solutions to improve Summerset’s website performance and load times
  • Optimizing Summerset’s menus and navigation to help visitors find desired content easier
  • Redesigning top-traffic pages to improve Summerset’s look and raise brand equity

With a faster website that featured more sleek navigation and design, Summerset’s visitors were not only spending more time learning about the business, but they were also opting-in and converting to Summerset’s offers at a higher rate.

Summerset’s new website strategy resulted in a +23.75% Increase in Avg. Time on Page and +81% Organic Goal Completions YoY.

An SEO and Blog Content Strategy That Builds Visibility & Drives Organic Traffic

With an entirely new customer-focused website experience that was designed to move visitors throughout the funnel, Summerset was now in a position to convert traffic more efficiently.

Although Summerset had a blog in place, it wasn’t being leveraged to its full potential. TIC DM worked with Summerset to establish a new blog strategy that would focus on delivering content relevant to Summerset’s audience while also helping Summerset rank for important organic keywords to increase search engine rankings.

Summerset’s new blog strategy included:

  • A regular editorial process based on audience needs and keyword research
  • Citations and link building to improve Summerset’s domain authority
  • A new engaging writing style designed to provide value and answers to visitors
  • SEO-rich copy that would improve organic keyword rankings over time
  • Strategically placed CTAs on each blog to compel visitors to enter Summerset’s funnel

Within just a few months, Summerset’s new blog strategy began to pay off with enormous organic visibility that drove +43% Organic Site Visitors YoY.

Testimonial From Summerset Senior Living & TIC Digital Marketing

The TIC team works with efficiency and professionalism. They went out of their way to understand our business and company philosophy, patiently working with us to develop effective solutions for our complicated business model. I highly recommend them for your company’s digital marketing needs.

Randi Beasley

Corporate Marketing Director at Summerset Senior Living

It is great partnering with the Summerset Team for their digital marketing needs. In such a competitive market it is rewarding to see the success we’ve been able to achieve by working together to reach their goals.

Eric Green

Founder at TIC Digital Marketing

Within just a few months, Summerset’s new blog strategy
began to pay off with enormous organic visibility that
drove +43% Organic Site Visitors YoY.

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